In this section we will show you how to create a news article for your website. 

We will assume you have all the correct login details and access rights to create an article, if not please speak to your administrator or contact the Homeflow Support Team. 

From the main menu once you log in you will see Articles on the left hand side of the menu. Click on here with your left mouse button. Then click on the New Article Button highlighted in the image below.

Once you have done this you will see the main article page. You will notice the page is broken up into sub sections, these being: Main, Options, Author, Branch, SEO and finally Photos. 

Title:  Here you must enter in the main title that will appear on your website.

Slug:  A slug appears in the URL for this post. It helps to make your news or blog posts search engine friendly. You can customise this, or leave it blank and we'll generate one for you based on the title of this post. It must be unique.

Content:  Use this editor to create/edit the content of your website (see WYSIWYG editor for more details).

Promo: This is the introductory text used to promote the article in summary listings.

Display Date: The date that will be shown on your site. Leave blank for todays date.

Publish on: Determines when the article will appear on your site. Leave blank for todays date.

Publish check box: Checking this box will publish the article to your site, provided 'publish on' is older than, or equal to, todays date. Unchecking will remove the article from the site.

URL: This is the URL of the main article if this is an offsite article. This field is only a reminder for you. This is not needed.

Topic: Set a topic for the article. Articles with the same topic can be show on topic show pages if the theme supports it.

Search for an employee to set as the author: Enter a first name and/or surname. The author dropdown below will update when you stop typing. You can search for partial matches, for example Jeb as short for Jebediah.

Author: This drop down list shows the first 50 employees in alphabetical order. To refine your search please use the employee search above.

Search for a branch: Type in the name of the branch you would like. Once you've stopped typing the drop down box will update with the first fifty branches that match your search. You can add more characters to refine your search, without refreshing the page. Removing the search will restore the original list.

Assign to a Branch:  This box will contain up to fifty of the most recent Branches added. To find others, simply use the search box above.

Meta title: Setting this will set the meta page title and will override the page title set above if your chosen theme supports it. This setting will not interfere with the title on the page however.

Meta Description: Add a meta description for SEO optimisation.

Canonical URL: the search engine friendly URL that you want the search engines to treat as authoritative. In other words, a canonical URL is the URL that you want visitors to see. Quite often canonical URLs were used to describe the homepage.

Phew!!!  Now that you have done that click on the save button in the bottom right of the page


Go to the second tab towards the top of the page 

There are three sections  Main, Promo and Hero. The differences are:

Main Photo:  If you add an image here it will be added toward the top of your article, normally just underneath the heading. 

Promo Asset: This is used for the summary article page, it is generally a thumbnail type image used alongside the promo text 

Hero Asset: No this isn't Batmans sidekick Robin i'm afraid. This is usually the bigger image found at the very top of some pages not all themes need this so please check with your administrator or the Homeflow Support team

Don't forget to click save photos when you are finished.


Image sizes, ideally need to be the correct size and shape before you load them into the system. If you load in a 8mb image it will not only slow the load time of your page but you could be penalised by Google for poor SEO practices.