In this section we will show you how to edit a news article for your website. 

We will assume you have all the correct login details and access rights to create an article, if not please speak to your administrator or contact the Homeflow Support Team. 

From the main menu once you log in you will see Articles on the left hand side of the menu. Click on here with your left mouse button. 

You will see in the screenshot below we have two articles in our system. From here you can see the Title, Topic. You can also see if the article is published i.e. being displayed on the website and you can also see the date it was created on. 

To edit an article either click on the title or click on the pen symbol under the actions tab. 

Once you are in the article you want to edit simply click on the field and make your changes accordingly.  Please refer to
How to create a News Article for more detailed instructions on what each field does. 

Once you have finished don't forget to click save .