The following is a guide of what to check should your property not be sending to Rightmove

  1. Check the Property is published (is it appearing on your website) 
  2. Is the property status "Exclude from feed" ticked?  If so, untick this as it prevents it from sending
  3. Check that all the address fields are entered.
    • Building number 
    • Street
    • Town
    • County
    • Postcode
  4. Property type has been completed (do not leave as unspecified)
  5. Both short and Long descriptions should be added
  6. Confirm the location of the property on the map
  7. A price has been entered (do not enter a zero price - even for POA properties)
  8. Bedrooms field must be completed

If after checking the above the property still isn't displayed on Rightmove please contact support.

Please note that you  need to have an active account with Rightmove for your properties to show.