In this section, we will show you how to edit an existing page for your website. 

We will assume you have all the correct login details and access rights to edit a page, if not please speak to your administrator or contact the Homeflow Support Team. 


Goto your website homepage and add /admin at the end of the URL (this is a shortcut to where you need to be) 

You should be looking at the following screen.

Select Website then select HF Website Content (as shown above)

Then select to view all the content chunks by pressing either of the to links highlighted below.

Once clicked scroll down the page until you see Lettings fee text click on this link or the edit link to the right (shown in the image below)

Now generally speaking your letting fees can work by either creating a pop-up window with a summary of fees or it will take the user to a page. If it is the second option take the user to a separate page please see the article how to edit a cms page here:

If however, you want to change information to a pop you will need to do the following:

Click on the HTML button (this will open a pop-up window shown below) 


We would strongly advise you make a copy of all the text in this box (just in case you make a mistake) :)  then should it not look right you can always copy it back.

You should be able to edit the text within the page, the information within this box should be short and concise so when it pops up on the screen it is quick and easy for the user to read and understand. just be careful to stay in between the < > as if you accidentally remove on of these it won't look correct. 

If you have any questions, by all means, feel free to contact the support team.

Once you have made your changes click update on the pop-up box, then click Save on the page itself.