If you would like to create a popup with a short information block about what your office/company is doing about Covid-19, you can create a content chunk that you have to name "xmas_hours" (please don't forget to add the underscore). To make this available immediately, we've repurposed the content chunk used for Christmas opening hours, hence its name.

Step 1: Creating the content chunk

The name of the content chunk should be names xmas_hours .

The title is what will show on the front of the site for the general public. In this example, I have named mine "Covid 19 Information". This will show up as below as a pop up button on the bottom left of the site.

Step 2: Adding content within the pop-up

When clicked it will expand to show the entered information within the content section of the content chunk, as below (see code at end of this article).

We would recommend you keep the content short and concise. If you want to add some more information, you can make a new page in the Pages section of your site  and link to that page from the content chunk, as in the last part of the example below.

Code to enter into the content of the content chunk.

Below is a sample only: please put your own data within the <p> tags below. If you have created a page with additional content, you can link that within the "a href" tag below, using the whole URL of the page.

<p><b>Covid 19 Outbreak</b></p>


<p>Wash your hands frequently</p>

<p>Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water.</p>


<p>Maintain social distancing</p>

<p>Maintain at least 1 metre (3 feet) distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing.</p>


<p>Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth</p>


<p>For more information please see our full page details <a href="https://www.test.com">here</a></p>


As always, if you have any queries you can reach us on support@homeflow.co.uk or via the Knowledge Base.