In this section we will show you how to create a main navigation for your website. 

We will assume you have all the correct login details and access rights to create a navigation item, if not please speak to your administrator or contact the Homeflow Support Team. 

From the main menu once you have logged in you will see Navigation on the left hand side menu.

Click on here with your left mouse button, this will bring up this screen

This is the main navigation screen and where we will be creating your new navigation from, we will also be going into how to edit these items later on.

To create your first navigation item click the new primary menu

This will bring you to a new page that has areas to edit called Name, Description, Category, URL and URL target.

Name (*):  The display text in your navigation

Description: Leave blank unless you want to enter something to remember what it is for you.

Category: Leave blank

URL (*): The URL of the page you wish to link to - without the ‘Base URL’ (i.e. /pages/about-us)

URL target (*): Select whether you want the navigation link to open in the same or a new tab

If you want to link to a 3rd party site, such as a blog a small change would be to do the below.

URL (*): Add the full URL here including the www. (i.e

URL target (*): We advise to select the New Window (_blank) to open this in a new window so not to move traffic away from the site permanently.


To add more items to the navigation repeat the above steps of going to the new primary menu button and creating a menu item.

By the end of the creating all your navigation items you should have something like this

Well done on creating your new main navigation for your website.

Click here to see how to edit existing navigation items. 

Click here to see how to move items within your navigation. 

Click here to see how to add submenu navigation items.