In this article, we will go into how to edit an existing navigation item.

If you need help creating your navigation please click here to see how to create your navigation.

You can edit any existing navigation item by going to your navigation items by clicking on the navigation tab on the left-hand side of the admin panel.

Once there you should see something similar to the below, and you should see a small pencil icon under the actions column (highlighted below), click on the item you would like to edit with the left mouse button.

This will bring up the navigation menu item that was created earlier, again everything that you edited before can be changed

Name (*):  The display text in your navigation

Description: Leave blank unless you want to enter something to remember what it is for you.

Category: Leave blank

URL (*): The URL of the page you wish to link to - without the ‘Base URL’ (i.e. /pages/about-us)

URL target (*): Select whether you want the navigation link to open in the same or a new tab

Once you have made the changes that you want, remember to click the save item button in the bottom right-hand side of the webpage.

Viola, you have edited a navigation item on your site.