In this article, we will go into how to move an existing navigation item within your navigation menu.

If you need help creating your navigation please click here to see how to create your navigation.

You can move any existing navigation item by going to your navigation items by clicking on the navigation tab on the left-hand side of the admin panel.

Once there you should see something similar to the below, and you should see a small 4 way arrow icon under the move column (highlighted below).

The navigation populates from left to right on sites with left being the top item within the navigation list (in this example Selling).

To move an item up the list, you click and hold on the 4 sided arrow within the move column and drag that item to where you want it to be in the list. Let go of the mouse button and that will save its position, there is no need to save here, on the next reload of site data it will update the navigation postions.

Viola you have just moved your first navigation item.