1. Login to the CMS. 

2. Select Site Assets

3. Choose the image from your computer by clicking Choose File. Once selected, Save Asset.

4. Once the image is uploaded it will appear in the list of images. Click the link to the image (the image name that appears in blue). This will open the image in the browser.

5. Highlight the URL that is now in the browser since you opened the image, and select CTRL C to copy the URL

6. Go back on your browser so you are back to the CMS. Select Articles or Pages - depending on which you are adding the image to content.

7. Select the article or page you want to add the image to (or create a new article or page).

8. Ensure your cursor is where you want the image adding and then select the  image icon, as shown in the diagram below:

9. Add the URL to the correct field in the pop-up and click OK.

10. Image will now appear in the content. Save Article/Page

The width of the page is around 745px  on desktop so if you want the image to fill the page make sure it is at least that wide.

Added tip!

If you wish the image to be responsive to the screen size add a 100% width and remove any dimensions from height: